• Frank


AHEAD of the Game

curated by Dr. Renée Gadsden

exhibition: 1.5. – 24.6.2017

Goethepark 1
9020 Klagenfurt

AHEAD of the Game is the visual art group exhibition of the kopf.head.glava project of the Kunstverein Kärnten 2017. AHEAD of the Game encourages thoughts about the societal constructions of interpersonal relations, and the role institutions and systems have on our interactions and decision-making. What is a “head”? Is it just the appendage at the top of the spine of humans and other creatures, or is it the seat of consciousness, or of the soul?

“Ahead” (when spoken aloud sounds the same as “a head”) is a homophone [whose both meanings are increasing in relevance every day.]* We are constantly being exhorted to get ahead and stay ahead – but do we really want to get “ahead”?  The exhibition AHEAD of the Game presents twenty-six international and Austrian, as well as specifically Carinthian, art positions that thematize the head on both physical and metaphysical levels.

© Dr. Renée Gadsden, 2016